Saint Sarah

Stand Up For Yourself

The energy right now is calling for us to stand up for ourselves.

This doesn’t mean we have to argue with anyone or prove anything. It’s a reclamation of Divine Power, our God given right to truly stand for who we are in the face of projection, ridicule and lies…

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Choice Point & Timeline Shift

I can feel some choice point energy in the field right now as ancient trauma curse patterns are coming up for transmutation.

We can either repeat a cycle or choose to change it. Respond by surrendering to the core pain we have done everything to run from and deeply alchemizing via compassionate witnessing and presence.

This is breaking a massive curse that has…

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Timeline Choice Points and Curse Breaking

Timeline Choice Points and Curse Breaking

In this VideoCurse breaking and how to break a curse Timeline choice points to clear ancient archonic strongholds  Infections via Sophianic Template clearing Love You All!PS: If this video resonated with you I invite you to join the conversation and leave a comment...

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