Venusian Egyptian Priestess


Currently, Venus, Egypt and Alexandrian Priestess Past Lives of Draco Invasions are surfacing to be cleared

I saw massive Plasma Emerald Flowers growing on Venus and the origination of the Rose Temple/Template in the Venusian Matriarch Societies there who were holding 12D Christ Genetics directly linked to Jesus (the Christ) in his higher Avatar form and physical incarnation. 

I also saw Venusian Priestess Lineages incarnating through Alexandria, Greece, Africa and Egypt as leaders or holders of this Blueprint – they were doing all they could to keep the black snake draco priesthoods from forming and taking over the Star Gates, Temple Technologies and powerful Artifacts.

However, the invasions occurred and the Venusian Priestess Lineages were mostly tortured into submission and revealing how to use and open these portals to then begin creating the satanic labyrinth we now know as the Egyptian Timelines. 

Now, the Blue Ray / Blue Flame Starseed and Solar Aqua Christ Bloodlines: Mother Arc Technologies are returning through the Egyptian Christ Grail Lines (both masculine and feminine) specific to Akhenaten and Hatshepsut. 

Don’t be surprised if you come down with a small cold during this time. After all this moves, you will see tons of Blue Fire and Aqua Light remerging and all sorts of Blue Electric Geometries being activated within your Lightbody followed by a huge flow of new, powerful energy to create and open portals and timelines with. 

The Mother Arc Technologies are also Bioluminescent, so when you feel them coming back it’s nothing short of a visual spectacle that brings incredible vitality and joy. 

Just know this purge is really dense therefore depression or a death-like feeling can occur – this is a death of the old self that can also give you time to process dense layers you’ve been ignoring. 

If you feel connected to Matriarch Venusian Priestess Temples or the Egyptian Stargate Portal Technology that makes up the Blue Fame and Arc of the Covenant, you will be feeling this strongly, as well as any past lifetimes connected to Venus, DNA and Bloodlines connected to Jesus Christ, the White / Blue Rose Lineages, any Draco invasions held in body, the Rainbow Plasma Wings of isis/Hatshepsut, Egyptian Timeline Clearing and Records of Creation in the Halls of Amenti. 


Our Grid Work will be in the Saint Catherine Cathedral in Alexandria, Egypt, as well as the surrounding Lyran Heart Networks and include: 

    • Clearing torture, enslavement, black magic, black goo, Egyptian black magic and artifacts.
    • Restoring Blue Flame and Aqua Blue Ray Technologies to the Priestess Lineages
    • Solar Sophia Lightbody Activation with the Mother Arc and Timeline Healing via the Halls of Amenti


We will retrieve a lot through this clearing as well as visions of lifetimes with the Christ (Jesus) (Yeshua). We will experience the Architecture of Venus and Venusian Plasma Flower Healing with the Matriarchs and go over invasion timelines as well as the truth of what occurred in these areas and incarnations of the Christ- Sophia.  

I can’t wait to see the incredible retrievals from this one!

It’s going to be massive.



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