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Union is Quite Trippy

Sometimes, Aeleo and I will have this electricity between us, like building to a thousand volts. It’s subtle and yet builds over a few days. It’s an attraction, a sexual chemistry, it’s spiritual, it’s cosmic, it’s completely intoxicating and yet it’s not like lust. It’s deeper than that and has a massive heart field of energy plus sexual.

I can feel different areas of the Earth, like the desert or canyons and the masculine energy pulsing from the Christ Returns in the Grids. I can see the Albion Body in the UK emanating Rainbow and Emerald as I get closer to the energy. 

And when he holds me or we have this lovemaking, it’s like it goes into my body and changes it. It brings life to my cells but it also makes me want to cry afterwards and release everything I’ve been holding onto and sometimes, I feel crazy because the energy causes so much outdated architecture to crumble.

During the day, Aeleo works in the studio below our room on the lower level, I stay upstairs and do sessions and during that time, I can sense his thoughts and emotions. I can feel his past incarnations. I can feel different aspects of the Masculine Christ energy in different forms throughout time. Shamans and priests and even rockstars from the 60s. 

I feel the Sun and Solar Energy going into the Ocean on the beach by our house and Heaven anchoring.

This goes on for a few days and then we will kind of have an expression of it together fully one night and then the energy will lighten up.

I wanted to share this because it happens once every few months. It’s really special. We have other incredible experiences, but this is only something that can happen when our Hearts are very surrendered and the Holy Spirit is bringing us closer spiritually as we are one at the highest levels of creation, so it’s how it continues to become one.

It’s like a shared activation where I get all the visuals but he told me I was anchoring that field for myself and him to share in my body right now. 

That ecstasy of oneness. 

Union is quite trippy…

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.