I haven’t yet shared this publicly but promised to so it’s finally time to tell you that Jesus came to me in an OBE lucid dream I had unexpectedly in July of this year.

It was a very fitful, tossing and turning sleep experience. I kept feeling Aeleo get up and trying to get comfortable. I wondered if there were entities in the house because we started feeling a lot of negative influence and energetic activity. Aeleo began clearing the space, I prayed and we finally, somewhat fell asleep.

All of the sudden, I was looking up into the sky, but I was very close to the sky. Golden streams of light appeared and blasted all around a golden throne. I saw Jesus Christ sitting on the throne, he was wearing a beautiful light filled crown. He stood up, walked over to me and placed his hand on my heart. He began speaking and even now I don’t think I can even explain the intensity of how it felt…

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