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Transmission: Serving the Glory of God’s Kingdom

Transmission: Serving the Glory of God’s Kingdom

I promise you, the only thing that matters in this life right now, is how we serve the Kingdom of God’s Glory.

This doesn’t mean huge works always, like walking around doing miracles, though that is possible for all of us.

What it does mean is a kind word, a smile, lifting others up, praying for others even if they don’t know about it, dealing with difficult people as compassionate as you can.

And yes, sometimes God’s Kingdom has a sharp tongue to slay the accuser with.

Walking the path of Christ is much more than people’s projection onto him as just a martyr to turn the other cheek always.

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Channeling: King Arthur

Channeling: King Arthur

From the ashes new leaders will rise.

The 12 tribe, 12 disciples.

Each leader will have 12 leaders connected to them. Each a perfected part of the gifted angelic tapestry of the Christ/Sophia collective. Each unique in what they offer.

This is how it was when I pulled the sword from the stone.

In that moment an entire new dimension, a blueprint was activated, and each man, the knights of the round table formed.

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