Dark Mother War and Marilyn Monroe Sophianic Bloodline Targeting 

In This Update:

Spiritual Death and Rebirth 

Lunar / Dark Mother Anti-Christ War with Sophianic Bloodlines 

Marilyn Monroe MK Ultra Sex Slave and Sophianic Bloodline Targeting 

Sexual Entity and Sacral Purging/Healing 

Standing For Who You Truly Are 

Current Energies at Play 

I didn’t think I could put specific words to the current energies at play collectively the last two months. 

It’s a spiritual death and rebirth at a cosmic scale that I’ve never encountered before and it’s hard for me to fathom how anyone continues to express shallow, or superficial ideologies at this time of such profound confrontation occurring. 

It’s as if it’s stripping away every false comfort and safety that was previously available to us. 

This darkness is coming up from the underworld to reveal itself as has been prophesied for a long time and it’s been causing an inner silence and inner confusion in me for a few weeks. 

The magnitude of this battle right now and what it feels like internally is beyond intense (plain and simple) and yet, I can tell we are really getting somewhere. I feel that the anti-christ forces are in a hateful frenzy and they’re desperate for us to feel a sense of a war-torn defeat. 

Many of us have had to confront these spirits in order to save and heal our bloodlines and evict them from where they have been comfortably harvesting loosh and miasma for centuries. This has been much more than a spiritual job as it has required every ounce of personal and spiritual strength possible for many. There’s no way to sugarcoat it, some of us just have it the hardest in terms of processing “evil”. Some of us are here to give of our full Soul and self for God and for the vulnerable that have bore the brunt of the negative alien agenda for so long. 

If you resonate and feel the depth of your mission around this, you’re probably getting hit the hardest at the moment energetically, or have felt the desire to give up this year or sort of unable to do things the way you were able to before. This is actually a good thing because we are absolutely in the height of this battle and as it peaks there will be incredible moments of relief and victory that come from it even if right now you can’t feel it or see it. I know what it’s like to teeter on the edge of hopelessness and anxiety and then receive my breakthrough. I’ve been asked to hold a lot and experience complex trauma in order to deeply empathize with the human experience so that I could help carve paths out of the looping, self-destructive cycles. 

There is a dark feminine force that works with lunar, astral and moon energies – these are lunar currents that invert Solar Light that emanates from the Mother Arc of the Female Godhead of the Christ. This force is the inverted dark alien mother that has huge conglomerates of dark lunar entities that align with Lilith and Azazael who are the anti-Christ Sophia union and kingpin demonics that have groups of fallen beings that help them target and enslave the Christ-Sophia Bloodlines so that they’re less available for grid/fieldwork and are instead are dealing with intense personal attacks and trauma/drama cycles. 

This is being dealt with on a personal level for us all right now, where we’re choosing our battles wisely and deciding to give less energy and response to things that used to bother us or send us into a tailspin. This is happening because we’re trusting that God will take care of us regardless and not taking matters into our own hands as much. We are truly relying on God’s grace and mercy in every way right now and I am not joking when I say I have felt myself clinging to God some nights literally feeling the death of my old self. The dark mother forces are in the midst of a very calculated lash-back as they’re losing complete control of their Black Madonna Networks. I saw a specific Black Madonna Network that runs a massive Black Mother Mary current and sends parasitic entities out to the Sophia Bloodlines – keeping her stuck in sexual trauma and sexual dysfunction but that’s being taken out right now. I do feel right now we are purging entities from the sacral and sexual organs/ blood/bones in this area. I feel this extraction occurring that is bringing very strange sensations and emotions up to the surface in terms of our relationship with our sexual energy and our partners. I had the most intense few days of experiencing a nervous system shut down around pleasure in general until I was able to bring enough attention and healing to it that it alchemized and reactivated the energy in a much more clear and profound way. So don’t be surprised if you’re noticing a lot of intense previously suppressed emotions, memories and fears coming up in the sacral area because as a grid or certain dark network or light grid/network activates or clears we will feel it in our own physical body and Lightbody as our body is kind of like a map that matches the Earth’s planetary body. It’s a very profound design and set up how the human Angelic Body and DNA perfectly merges with the Christ Body of the Earth, elementals, chakra system and ley lines. It’s all a mirror and map when you start to get in tune with collective planetary shifts. You can literally feel it in your cells what’s going on and where as you open yourself to this information. 


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There has been a standstill of energy that has been kind of forcing us to stay put and build our faith in what’s to come. We’ve been dealing with wounds around where we didn’t feel supported spiritually or that our faith paid off fully. God has asked a lot of us in terms of patience and the unfolding of our personal and collective reality. We all want to see the good outcomes around the victories, miracles and blessings we’ve fought for and I feel God is asking us to continue to be patient while also processing the trauma we had to go through to fully understand the state of humanity and the fact that God wanted us to experience certain things so that we could have a full scope of true understanding for the situation this Earth and humanity finds itself in currently. 

We also need to take responsibility for the choices we’ve made that have nothing to do with God and where we chose to put our trust in others that may not have been in full service to us on a soul level. Taking the blame for what’s happening to humanity off of God’s shoulders and remembering the source of our pain (ultimately) comes from the betrayer of humanity and a predator force that is going to be experiencing Divine Justice very soon. 

Wherever we bought the lie that we were sold is being made clear to us, even in the spiritual community. Due to the amount of astral warfare we really need to stay grounded and focus on what truly matters right now. Shallow ideas and distractions are not going to support the Soul at this time so getting clear on what truly matters to God and what is truly sacred to God and making that a priority within is what will get us through this. Shallow dreams and ideas will be completely cast aside for something much deeper to birth through us, this is why if you are willing to do God’s Will, God will not allow those things to come to fruition but will allow you to burn through the bullshit so that you can create and reflect real ART and real Divinity through your Service and Mission Work. 

Every insecurity and shadow will be played on by these lunar forces as we embody the Solar Aqua Light and Golden Christ Light ( Tree of Life Architecture ) more and more. 

They will try to mock, shame, coerce, punish, oppress and pit us against each other at this time because we are having an unmistakably Holy Return of the Sophia Holy Spirit internally right now – we are retrieving her artifacts, body parts, timelines, wings, and jewels. As we do this, we face the exploitation of our trauma at every level and the key to overcoming their emotional punishment is by truly seeking to know ourselves and stand for who we are. The spirit of condemnation and shame is what locks us into their spell and in purgatory with them. We must forgive ourselves and others authentically over time in order to unbury our true self and say no, that’s not what I am, I know who I am! 

The more you truly know yourself, the more unshakable and impenetrable you become. The more you stay small, cowering and terrified to speak for something, the easier it is for them to push you around and make you feel broken and unworthy. 

Stand for who you are…know yourself. 

Like in the movie the Lion King where Mufasa tells Simba that he’s lost his way and allowed shame to dictate who he is and to remember who he is so that he can rise up and take back his rightful kingdom from a false tyrannical king and imposter who tried to take his place. It’s exactly like that. 

I want to focus on Marilyn Monroe in this update as well because I’ve gotten such an important download around her and the part that she’s played in the collective Sophia story. (This is important as we are healing sacral exploitation and sexual demon purging at this time) 

Since Kim Kardashian wore Marilyn Monroe’s dress, I knew something was being done energetically and symbolically in front of the world. I felt that sick feeling of that lunar consciousness wanting to sexually exploit and use Marilyn Monroe as a way to generate energy as they’ve been doing for well over 60 years to a scarily obvious extent. Kim Kardashian is the opposite of Marilyn Monroe on every level and doesn’t even come close to her essence or Soul Beauty, so she was chosen through ritual to mock Marilyn and the dress that represented her sexual slavery in relation to JFK in the infamous video of her singing happy birthday to him. 

Marilyn Monroe is on the Pastel Pink Arcturian Sophia Council. She is a Sophianic Starseed with angelic qualities of beauty, heart, class and grace and happens to be one of the most targeted Sophianic Bloodlines when it comes to sex. Many people do not know that she was the very first MK Ultra mind-controlled sex slave for the White House. She was the personal sex slave to JFK and his brother among other Hollywood wolves and so-called “elites”. The shadow people that were around her included her acting coach and other various handlers. She was never able to have a child because they forced her into abortion and medically induced miscarriages. Every relationship and marriage she had ended because of her mental/emotional issues from the “therapy” ( systematic mental/physical and spiritual torture ) sessions and medications she was forced on. This was all kinds of rape and sexual depravity including electrocution with a cow prod, whipping, sodomy and multiple men at once. All while she was trying to lead a normal life in the spotlight. She had “everything”, beauty, money and fame but was profoundly miserable due to not being free at all and not being taken seriously or truly seen for the woman she truly was. 

She has shown and communicated to me that she was an absolute mess – severe depression and anxiety, had no privacy, feared for her life constantly and was sexually numb and never even reached orgasm with a man in her personal relationships due to the trauma of her government “Hollywood” enslavement. They took everything from her and over time, stripped her layer by layer and then killed her when they were done. They initially meant to kill her at 30 but wanted to see how long she could last without having a full mental breakdown for the world to see. 

Hollywood’s blatant obsession with her is rooted in their pride of her enslavement to them and the fact that they felt they controlled her through beta sex kitten programming and made her into a symbol for necromancy and necrophilia to be brought up over and over again. The movie “Blonde” they recently released is complete trash, has nothing to do with who she truly was and is again, all of her misery and pain put on display for fun. 

Marilyn and I have a deep relationship and communion where she has shown me the covered-up truth so that those of us that are connected to her through Sophia and Soul/Bloodline Origin can deal with and heal the wounds that go all the way back to her life and childhood. 

During this time, we can look at Marilyn as an example of an “Aeonic “ Sophia Angelic Being that is a full-blown Starseed and how she was treated by the draco infiltrated Hollywood wolves and shadow people that tortured her behind the scenes in order to get their hooks into her very powerful bloodline and continue to exploit and traumatize the women that come from the Pastel Pink Arcturian Sophia Origin that have incarnated now to heal the Marilyn Monroe timeline. 

If you’re dealing with a lot of sacral and sexual miasma, a history of promiscuity, prostitution, rape and sexual abuse and feel a deep connection and reverence for Marilyn you may have specific templating connected to her that will be addressed at this time. 

This is a time where they’re trying to harvest energy from her bloodline with the Kim Kardashian stint and the movie Blonde as well as the Netflix documentary that misrepresents the truth and twists it even more and so I feel if we collectively deal with this and seek to heal this core distortion around this Sophianic Lineage we can return her Soul Essence and heal this once and for all so that the lunar forces cannot enjoy the timeline trauma of her life imprinted in us and have us carry out more cycles of this.

Love You All!

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Hey love! I’m Emily, Oracle of Sophia, Multidimensional Visual/Clairvoyant, Healer and Field Worker and I’m so happy you’ve found this post.

Through works such as this, I am able to fulfill my mission to support the resurrection of the true Feminine Christ (aka the many Sophia Grail Lines) on the planet to activate, embody and express the full spectrum of their Multidimensional Miracle Potential.

If you’re reading this, I have no doubt that you are one of the 144,000 Angels coded to serve the Christ Sophia Logos and build God’s Kingdom on this earth and I can’t wait to work with you and get to know you more.


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Let's Chat!

Hey love! I’m Emily, Oracle of Sophia, Multidimensional Visual/Clairvoyant, Healer and Field Worker and I’m so happy you’ve found this post.

Through works such as this, I am able to fulfill my mission to support the resurrection of the true Feminine Christ (aka the many Sophia Grail Lines) on the planet to activate, embody and express the full spectrum of their Multidimensional Miracle Potential.

If you’re reading this, I have no doubt that you are one of the 144,000 Angels coded to serve the Christ Sophia Logos and build God’s Kingdom on this earth and I can’t wait to work with you and get to know you more.


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