The Event Horizon Portal was the midway point of a 7-year tribulation period during which the systems of the world would break down while the angelic body would simultaneously resolve the damage to the human genome within our incarnate collective and then embody and emanate the original divine human blueprint into the world as a vibrational attunement offering to those human souls who seek realignment to the logos and then finally, come together with the Starseeds and newly attuned human souls to build a new kingdom on this earth.

During our last webinar (The return of Akhenaten and our Divine Inheritance) we were prepared for this next stage of the plan which involves profound manifestation into the world. 

Over the next several months we will see a quickening in the collapse of society itself as dark secrets about the nature of our world and those who govern it come to light. The world as we know it is dying because it is made of lies and the Truth is returning. As this happens, people will begin to finally desire to know and search for the truth because the comfortable lies that have seemed to keep them safe from the painful reality will be stolen from them as the fictional narrative we’ve all been living within falls apart once and for all.

This is when God will lift up his people, his Angels, to be the prophets in the End of Days

We’re still at a point where the majority of the world does not desire to know the truth, wake up or take the red pill. However, that will change as the coming events unfold and as that shift occurs, when enough people are ready and hungry, God is going to call his people to rise into their leadership positions as stewards and way-showers of the New Earth.

It is not here yet, but we are so close.

During this webinar, we’re going to address manifestation and true abundance because that is what’s coming to our people very soon. It has very little to do with the way the new age teaches us to manifest or live in abundance – this is something completely different, it’s pure and it’s real.

Many of us feel as though we have failed at something as the feeling that we’re here to do something big was so strong and yet our lives don’t reflect that… meaning either we’re crazy or we simply failed on some level. This is not the truth, not for the collective to which I am here to address.

We are family. We come from the same place and we have come here for the same reason. We have the same dream and we suffer from the same wound. We have one God and we follow one plan.

Before you came you knew that you would stay wounded and asleep until it was time for you to rise.

You knew you would be living in a kind of limbo state and you knew that this would be because of the delusional world and not because of your own inadequacies. You knew you were going to have to be patient. You knew that faith alone was going to sustain you. You knew it was going to be hard because you were going to be in a desert of truth, which is why when you hear the truth it’s like water to your soul, it’s nourishing and keeps you well. 

So many of us have suffered because of a lack of understanding of who we are, why we’re here and why things are unfolding the way they are. The most painful question in all of humanity is if there is a God, why does he allow bad things to happen?

The answer to that question is the same answer to the prayers of the incarnate Angel who asks why does it have to be this way? When will my life make sense? When will it begin and when will I finally get to do what I know I’m here to do?

The answer to that question is in God’s perfect intelligence, his perfect intention, his perfect Will and his perfect Love which is willing to sacrifice so much for humanity and the chance for humanity to fulfill its potential.

God has asked us, even commanded us to follow his Will and sacrifice ourselves in many ways for the good of humanity, a humanity who has been violated by a more powerful cosmic force and sent down a long and painful trajectory from that original transgression.

God is allowing humanity to play out what it needs to play out in order to finally grow from this experience, to finally wake up to what has occurred and become what God always knew they could. 

God sees God in everything and believes in the innate goodness in all of life and so it’s hard for us to always understand God’s Will because we can’t fathom the depths of His Love. It’s hard for us to understand why God hasn’t intervened on our behalf yet if God were to step in and save humanity from this experience it would rob them of the entire purpose of their existence, which is to grow, be tested, discover themselves and become master creators within higher realms of existence.  

This message is clearly shown as Peter urges Jesus to intervene and use his power to alter the course of his life and ultimately that of humanity, but Jesus declines for the same reason – It’s not God’s Will. So just as Jesus suffers on the Cross for humanity we too have suffered in waiting for the hour.

We’re asked to be patient and have faith in the truth through this trying time of limbo and waiting. We’re asked to know ourselves despite what the world reflects back to us until it is time to rise. 

Thankfully, that time is finally upon us 

During this webinar, we’re going to be sharing the Keys to the Kingdom.

The Keys of discovering the Kingdom within, through living and abiding within the truth, having faith in the Truth and the pathway of the manifestation of the external kingdom, which is a process of conduiting God’s single Will through the collective into the world.

You are not here to do this alone. You did not miss the boat and you did not fail. You simply have not yet been fully called. 

As it begins, it will be like a breath of life that moves through God’s people inspiring the actions needed to be taken to play our personal role in the building of his Kingdom.

Nothing can stop what is coming and there’s nothing you can do to quicken your turn to rise. All we can do is have faith in God, listen and respond when called.

When our wave comes, we simply paddle and the good news today is that there’s a storm on the horizon and a sea of massive waves coming to shore.



The fall of the satanic timeline is imminent as the New Earth Timeline begins to take precedence. The energies pouring in from the 5-7D Future Timelines of our ascended planet are beginning to anchor through us and start the next stage of eradicating the demonic networks and grids for the ultimate event of massive crumbling that we will all witness very soon.

In preparation for this event, God will be giving us the Golden Keys to the Kingdom.

The New Earth Kingdom is within and will be built physically in the coming years.

The solstice portal is opening up for the 3rd Return of the Cosmic Christ Sophia which activates the Sacred Royal Bloodlines of the Solar Angelics and Starseeds who incarnated here for the Divine Intervention in support of the trapped and enslaved souls being fully liberated.

While the spiritual war plays out we’ve been held in a kind of stasis and limbo, unable to make big moves until it’s fully safe. If you can tune in, you will feel the intensity of these energies and how God is preparing us through cellular, 12-Strand Angelic DNA Activation to help others through the coming revelations of what has been hidden and the darkness coming to light.

Jesus and Sophia, the Guardians and masters of the Multiverse are overseeing and supernaturally aligning resources, protection and miracles our way as we make courageous decisions and say no to the tyranny desperately using its last cards to try and take us down with it. Even though it has been challenging and we have been deeply persecuted, attacked and bullied by dark forces…

We will be rewarded for standing for God at this time

This solstice portal is about manifestation and co-creation with God as we’re about to personally and collectively co-create the victory over evil and the abundance streams of God, the true provision we’ve been longing for finally pushing through to us – all that we need coming in for ourselves, our families and our Mission for the Divine.

God is ready to lift his/her people up by showing the demonics that not only are we fully protected but we are provided for and not relying on their corrupt systems because God is the one in control of all resources. They only had control for a period of time and that control is dwindling as God moves his/her hand and opens us up to receive the Golden Keys to unlock the Kingdom of Love and Abundance within and without. 

As we make courageous decisions and say no to the tyranny desperately using its last cards to try and take us down with it, God witnesses and aligns solutions for our devotion to the truth. 

The portal we’re moving through is Rainbow with Gold. I see the Dove Rose Heart Union of Jesus and Magdalene – a sacred Divine Heart activation and healing, a restoration of the power of the Higher Heart and its intelligence to override all AI, draco, reptilian, alien machinery and weaponry.

We’re built through the Tree of Life Christ Architecture to override all inorganic consciousness and have a form of God-like power given to us by the Creator that we haven’t fully unlocked yet.

Our Angelic Power will begin through this portal like never before as God is beginning the Solar Activations that will allow real miracles to flow through us.

This is a time of great emotional purging and acceptance of what’s been done and the immense and egregious harm this force has created to innocence on our planet. We must digest the truth of our history and the common enemy we all share to its ultimate defeat that is quickening and we can do this by coming together this solstice with the intention of unlocking the Kingdom and manifesting this change together.

The Angelics are reaching out to us directly from Heaven and this will be all about pure source healing in our bodies and Kingdom – holy Spirit Trinity Reunification. 

I suggest you come to this webinar with 3 miracles and activations you need at this time and for the next year as I feel God will be answering prayers and manifestations with fast alignment for all those who have been feeling the deep need for Union, Mission, Abundance and so on.

The Guardians from the God Worlds and Holy Spirit Realms will be coming in from 11-13D to move us through the portal and seal us in the Diamond Golden God Seal that will keep us unharmed as the event occurs.

Manifestation and miracles abounding in this activation as well as:

  • Working with the Lyra Guardians and Diamond Golden Seal for deep soul and cellular healing 
  • Golden Keys of Kingdom Power within our bloodlines unlocking
  • Inner Kingdom technology coming online 
  • Golden Pyramid Architecture to house another level of Christ Sophia Light and Union 
  • Highlighting our Spiritual Gifts for activation 
  • Angelic DNA Strand activation and New Earth Timeline acceleration for Angelic and Starseed Missions 
  • Pure Golden White Christos Plasma opening our Higher Heart for the eradication of AI and dark energies
  • Rose Heart Dove Inner Union, Jesus and Magdalene and the Soul Song of Sophia
  • Heavenly Source Realm reconnection and healing to get us feeling God in our bodies again 
  • Provision and Abundance Activation for us and our families. 
  • Big missions coming online and activating for imminent takedown of the satanists
  • Plan for the New Earth 
  • And more…

If this feels connected to your soul, we would love to have you join us for this life-changing experience

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