Clearing the Egyptian Timelines

The Return of Akhenaten and our Divine Inheritance




 T  R  A  N  S  M  I  S  S  I  O  N

3 years ago, the Heart of Christ was returned through the Paris grids. This marked the beginning of a 7-year period during which the entire 144,000 Angelic Blueprint would anchor and embody through us onto the earth. 

While the outside world seems to fall into darkness, God’s people find safe passage and begin to awaken to who they truly are. This is a process. Through a series of Divinely orchestrated Returns and Grid Activations, the Original Angelic Human and Planetary Blueprint will come back online. Each Return and Grid Activation will heal and restore the damaged Genetic Code in various aspects of the Collective and Planetary Lightbody.

The Event Horizon (Lions Gate Portal) marked the midway point of this profound process and was literally a point of no return as there is no going back from here. We have powerful momentum building and the Returns and Grid Activations are only getting more and more intense.

The Akhenaten Return and Egyptian Grid Activation will without a doubt be the most powerful we’ve experienced thus far as it not only represents the Return of True Divine Royalty, Authority and Material Power but the return of our Memories from the Ancient Pre-Diluvian (pre-flood) Earth Timelines.  

So much has been done to pollute and damage our relationship to Ancient Egypt because they know that we will regain tremendous power when we remember the truth. (We were not always beaten down and trapped by the dark forces that occupy this earth) 

Before the Flood, there were many periods of time in various places on the earth where we had established power and had leaders that secured and protected the Logos in those respective communities and civilizations. They wanted us to forget this because they want us to feel that they have always dominated us, that it has always been useless to fight and that they have always had their boot on our necks!

But it’s not true. We have known many Divine Victories on this Earth and Justice has not always been so lost to us here.

Egypt was once our most powerful Christed Stronghold and the Pyramids were actually created by highly activated incarnate members of 144k. After the flood, it was taken over by the Dracos and had become almost fully corrupt by the time Akhenaten came. He came to salvage what had been lost and create safe passage for Jesus to come in the future and be activated in the Pyramid.

During the webinar, we will explain why Akhenaten’s lifetime was so important for our Collective Intervention Mission and why his Return in the Field will have such a massive impact on each of us. 

We will also reveal why Egypt may be the most important Grid on the Earth and how its Activation will mean something huge for our Angelic Family.




A  C  T  I  V  A  T  I  O  N

Akhenaten is the Father of the Christ Bloodlines.

Throughout his life, he was bringing back the Solar Christ Energies and supporting the realignment out of false alien god worship and into the One Living God. He knew about the spiritual groups being corrupted by the galactic federation’s lies and draconian belief systems – his murder was a part of a long line of dark forces trying to snuff out the Christ Bloodlines ( Jesus/Arthur ) and so on. 

Throughout history, the Egyptian Timelines were deeply corrupted, riddled with black magic and tombs and artifacts were taken over. This affected the Heart Chakra of our Human Angelic Collective and began shutting down our Heart-based Intelligence and Natural Abundance.

Akhenaten was going through his Divine Union Initiation and Hierogamic Template (regeneration of Christ Sophia) with his beloved Grail Queen Nefertiti to try and restore power to the Pure of Heart and bring those teachings to the people so they could heal their Inner/ Outer Union Energies and align to Natural Law. 

He prepared teachings and initiations for the coming Grail King and Queen incarnations and was one of the first incarnations of Christ embodied at a very high level – this means he did what he did in his life for us now. His body could hold incredible Solar Power and had benevolent Annunaki Genetics which blended with the Golden Melchizedek, RA DNA.

Sadly, Akhenaten was murdered and his history distorted so that he could be used as a false image in the Egyptian Timelines to deceive people trying to connect with the power from the past. All of this is essential to know to prepare for the incredible Activation and Field Work we’ll be doing in this webinar. 

Clearing our connection back to Pure Egypt and out of the Horus RA reversals and black magic of the distorted Egyptian Timelines (dark mother) is the key to healing our heart as these false timelines have created so much interference in our pure connection to the organic 4D and out of the astral realm. 

Egyptian History and Timelines are the most distorted on our planet because they hold great power and the Christ beings that incarnated into this area that held those genetics did us an incredible service.

This is why clearing false history is so important, so that we can have our true memories and Organic Celestial and Earthly Connections restored because when our past genetics are tampered with, it affects our future. Clearing and healing our genetic connections to Akhenaten / Nefertiti and ancient Egypt is going to move huge blocks and amnesia barriers set up by dracos who fear the power returning to the rightful bloodlines. Our Heart Chakra Power being restored and unblocked from black magic curses is going to give us back a lot of Creation Power and Manifestation Magic. 

Sacral Energies being distorted through reversal kundalini and twisted tantra/ alchemy teachings has kept the true and pure Sexual/ Union Power from reactivating and helping us truly heal our sexual/ sacral blocks with the Golden Serpent Codes and teachings designed for true Union and Alchemy. Bringing Golden Christ Serpent Energies back for Sacral Healing is fundamental at this time. 

Unblocking Family Bloodline Curses and Poverty Consciousness with the Golden Serpent Alchemy is a high potential with this clearing as well – It can do a myriad of personal and collective miracles.

Taking these Sacred Teachings and Codex’s back from the forces that have stolen them and imprisoned us through DNA unplugging, enslavement and forced ignorance will be incredibly liberating for us and our Guardian Family’s that wish to communicate with us through the restoration of these ancient teachings that were buried and being harvested for so long. 

In order to win the war over consciousness, the healing of the heart and heart-based knowledge and intelligence is a game-changer that gives us a huge leg up. Healing our connection to Egypt is essential for healing poverty and heart walls. 

Many Divine Unions are imminent and this can help accelerate Union big time as we will focus on the Sophia Christ, both feminine and masculine aspects of this return.

Prepping for the end of the year Solstice Portal in December 2021 and opening our Heart/ Sacral Energies for this embodiment will be an incredible start to the coming portal we will be moving through. 

For a potent preview of the transmission & activations/field work we’ll be doing during the webinar we invite you to check out the following video:

If this feels connected to your soul, we would love to have you join us for this life-changing experience.

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