Sophia Return

The Christ Return anchored the Spirit of Truth and now

It’s Time for Sophia to Emerge

In June of 2018, I, through the request of Mary Magdalene, travelled to Paris and through Grid Work returned the Emerald Diamond Heart Template of Christ. Through this, Higher Heart Activations rippled through the Masculine Collective.

This was the beginning of the “Christ Return” and heavily assisted in the acceleration of the awakening and resurrection of codes of the Masculine Heart for Divine Union and Sacred Sexuality.

Through deep initiations since then, enough of these codes have been embodied in our Masculine Essence. Now the Feminine Christ. The Holy Spirit Essence needs to return through the Grid fully to continue her merge with the beloved Christ. This is called the Sophia return.

Some of us may understand this as the Solar Feminine, others as the Holy Spirit. As Sophia returns the timeline for unions and mission accelerates and aligns more and more. Sophia is the embodiment of the Pure Divine Feminine Archetype, and her return on the planet means profound activations for the Feminine Collective.

This energy is more potent than any ritual because it is the Holy Mother (Feminine aspect of God) coming back to this world to take her rightful place beside The Christ. 

Not only will this bring personal change on profound levels but it will mean the coming together of many Divine Unions for those who have surrendered to the Source Code through these initiations.

Sophia is the essence of all life and her return means a deepening of authentic soulful emotion, vulnerability and sacred witnessing.

When the Spirit of Truth (Christ) is anchored,

pure innocent love (Sophia) can emerge in that space.

In this 3-hour webinar we’ll cover

The significance of this event, the purpose of doing this work and the remembrance that’s taking place

The call to stand up for the Sophianic Consciousness

What is happening on this earth and why the only path we have to salvation, redemption and safety is to create a new system inherent in the design of creation and the Kingdom of Christ Sophia

Anchoring the authentic truth of the Cosmic Christ within our systems and letting go of all illusions and lies to make way for the birthing of Sophia

What is Sophia? And allowing that Holy Spirit to be fully alive in you

How Sophia has martyred herself here and why/how that needs to be dealt with within each of us

The Fallen Feminine / Inverted/ Reverse Sophia. What is it and how do we override this force?

The Law of Personal Accountability

34-minute Activation to receive and anchor Sophia, the Holy Spirit

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