Lemurian Priestess



The Aqua (Lemurian Priestess) aspects of the Sophianic Feminine Christ Solar Lines are returning through the Divine Feminine in all beings ready to receive it now. 

Pieces of our Soul, Soul Blueprints, Wealth, Abundance, Sacred Jewels, Ancient Attracts and aspects of our Union Template have long been held in priestess torture programs such as MILAB, reptilian/draco womb harvesting and timeline trigger events from our past in Lemuria. (There is so much to unpack here) 

This is flushing out feelings of profound oppression and feeling held down by false alien god beings that had control over us in the past. Miasma and past trauma are coming up to heal in order to return tons of wealth and abundance back to the Feminine so that we can hold our New Earth Empire and shift our Inner Union Template Timeline into its highest manifestation potential. 

This will be a very powerful shift and restoration for those of us who feel connected to Sophia The Feminine Christ aspect of consciousness. 

Once you complete your purchase DO NOT close the browser window as you will be automatically redirected to FB group where the webinar will be taking place.

Questions You May Have

When/Where is the Webinar?

Webinar date: Sunday, March 13th 

Webinar Location: FB Live in our private group space (you will be redirected to this group automatically after making your donation) 

Webinar Time: 12:30 pm PST (The webinar will run for 90-minutes to 2-hours) 

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How do I access the Webinar?

Once you complete your purchase you will automatically be taken to the private Facebook group where the webinar will be taking place.

If you close the window before you’re redirected and/or need support access the group, please reach out to us at info@oracleofsophia.com for assistance.


Will there be a Replay?

Yes! The webinar will be recorded and a replay will be available in the FB group as well as on the website for you to watch at your leisure. 


Help! I closed the window

If you closed the window before being redirected to the replay page please reach out to us at info@oracleofsophia.com for assistance.


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