Right now, Hatshepsut is coming into Union with her Solar Dragon King Ezekiel here on Earth and Multidimensionally and is healing her Sophianic Timeline, history and Grail Queen Temple. 

She has set up the Cathedral of Sophia near the 9D Andromedan Portal for all desiring to connect with the 12 Grail Lines of Sophia together for a profoundly deep feminine healing and is inviting us into this Cathedral to receive the Solar Dragon Queen Return Activation. 

There’s a lot to return and receive in this webinar where we’ll travel to the Cathedral of Sophia and the physical temple of Hatshepsut energetically.

This will be a very deep Grail Queen Initiation, Womb/Heart Connection and Queen Royalty Healing and Activation. We will connect directly with her earthly templates, Solar Dragon Healing and Christ Feminine Bloodline Restoration.

If this feels connected to your soul, I’d love to have you join us for this incredible work

Once you complete your purchase DO NOT close the browser window as you will be automatically redirected to the webinar replay page.

Questions You May Have

How do I access the replay?

Once you complete your purchase you will automatically be taken to the webinar replay page. (If you would like to watch the replays on Facebook they are available in our private group as well – you will find the link to join on the replay page)

If you close the window before you’re redirected or forget to bookmark the replay page please reach out to us at info@oracleofsophia.com for assistance.


Help! I closed the window

If you closed the window before being redirected to the replay page please reach out to us at info@oracleofsophia.com for assistance.


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