Grey Eagle Grid Restoration

and Pleiadian Elvin Starseed

Transmission & Activation

A challenging initiation portal is coming to a close and now it’s time to both jumpstart this Grid and mend the relationship between on-planet Starseeds and Angels and the off-planet Starseed Races who are assisting the Organic Ascension Process

The Transmission

I have always known that the Asheville Vortex played a huge role in the Ascension Process, especially for North America, but for the last or the last several years the grid seemed to be pretty stagnated.

Many Starseeds from all over the country, especially from the Eastern half, came to the Asheville area because of the powerful energy moving through the grids and in 2009 through 2011, many of these Starseeds were receiving guidance from off-planet Starseed Races who were attempting to quicken the Ascension Process by bringing the Ground Crew together IN the truth of why we are here.

Many of us remember the powerful movement of energy In those few years and also how it just seemed to slow down.

There is a reason for this, and it involves wisdom that needed to be learned through the integration of the Christ message for both on-planet and off-planet Starseeds.

This challenging initiation portal is coming to a close and now it’s time to both jumpstart this grid and mend the relationship between on-planet Starseeds and Angels and the off-planet Starseed Races who are assisting the ascension process.

As we clear these dense energies from this Asheville Grid, we will begin to restore this Vortex to its rightful function in the Ascension Process. This will result in a quickening of the timeline and much more powerful Galactic Energy and synchronization for us as a collective.

During this contact, they also revealed something quite profound regarding the nature of Ascension and our interconnectedness with certain Starseed ET races and groups.

They explained how our evolution is interconnected and interdependent.

Sadly, some of the Benevolent Starseed Races, including the Pleiadians, were also connected to the genetic engineering and hybridization programs run by the Anunnaki in our distant past, and while they now are in rehabilitation and are serving the true Logos, they must heal these old wounds and the only way to do it is through us.

During the webinar, we will explain how what happens on this Earth and the way we, as a collective, will heal through Christ is essential in terms of helping them to ascend.

What we do here will teach them what they need to do there and through the Earth Ascension Process, they will also come home.

Ultimately, this concept is where the Christ of this Earth enters into the cosmic arena. Christ came here for a reason and the message that came from God through Jesus will literally save countless planetary civilizations and make Ascension possible for many fallen ET races.

Asheville is playing a huge role as an intermediary connection zone between us and these races and as the grid starts to come back online we are going to see and feel that strong current of “it’s all happening” again.

The Activation

It is now aligned for all of us holding the Starseed Template to heal an entire layer of genetic damage that is holding the heart hostage through the targeting and abuse of the Masculine Principle on this Earth.

This rebirth through the Cosmic Mother allows the living Sophianic Body ( Feminine Solar Christ) to receive the heart tone of Melchizedek who is working closely with the Elvins to restore the timeline of persecution and black magic which has held us in purgatory.

A huge layer of reptilian enmeshment is to be fully purged from our fields as we fully link up with the Elvin DNA Fire Code Activation that frees the Feminine to fully embrace the Christ Masculine Energy and begin creating and manifesting with it, while the Masculine begins his Sacral Heart merge. This will begin moving the Starseed Mission from the Pleiadian White and Blue Elvin lines, the Melchizedek lines and so on.

The Benevolent and Pure Pleiadians have been in contact with us all week, showing the malevolent agendas around 2009-2014 from past Pleiadians who were being channelled and sending information to different people they were using as portals for the New Age Agenda.

This created a massive stagnation for the true Starseeds who had to overcome a lot of disinformation and found a way to trust their true family of origin and actually get in contact with them. We have been completely dropping false light since 2017 so that we can realign our Starseed Mission and begin a new surge of truthful information from those linked up to the organic 5th dimension.

There is a lot of energy coming in from the Elvins at this time who are working closely with the Blue Avians and Bird Tribes in a couple of grids near us to start the Starseed Mission back up from this Grid Network in the Blue Ridge Mountains and Black Mountain areas of North Carolina.

I saw Melchizedek scribing Elvin Light Language into a sacred book and sending it out for the strands all over the earth to clear this heart wall blockage and sacral siphoning, to begin re-surging massive heart and crown reopening as our Starseed Blueprints start turning back on.

Regardless of our highest origin, we all hold the Starseed Mission Blueprint to heal levels of SRA/ genetic damage/ soul fragmentation on Earth and hold together a massive galactic library of healing technology to eventually share with each other as we assimilate to the New Earth.

This Activation and Grid Work will

Activate your Starseed Templates, Elvin Light Language, 7 strand DNA and 5/7D Communication and Contact

Clear Genetic Damage including Black Magic and Purgatory Overlays, Corrupted Coding and Reptilian Enmeshment

Support the Sacral/ Heart Merge and Manifestation energy for the Solar Christ Feminine

Heal and Unblock our Higher Heart for the Masculine and Feminine to receive the Melchizedek Heart Tone that allows us to clear separation and blockages in our Light body

Replay Available Now!

Questions you may have

How can I access the replay?

Once you’ve completed your payment DO NOT close the window as you will be automatically re-directed to the replay page where you’ll be able to watch the webinar.


Can I do the activation more than once?


This webinar is packed with incredibly profound and life-changing information so taking your time and watching/listening more than once is encouraged!

Feel free to do the activation portion whenever you feel called to and as many times as you like – each time will be different as deeper layers open up and reveal themselves.


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