Emerald Solstice Gates


At this time, there is an emerald/magenta galactic gateway into embodying fully updated Abundance Blueprints that are now seeding into the New Earth timeline.

As a result, the faulty and corrupted new age codes are starting to break down and become harder to use. We need to let these crumble.

The false teachings on abundance are the backbone of the false light community and directly support the Luciferian, ‘Do what thou wilt’ doctrine.

Everyone wants to live their best life and “glow up” but most don’t recognize the cost of chasing after a phantom dream.

God has a plan for your life and wants you to have all that you need in order to fulfill your purpose and live a life of beauty, but knowing the difference between God’s Will and our own will is the crux that defines who we really are.

God alone is the Progenitor of Grace and while we can adopt deceptive practices that allow us to siphon the energy of others (False Abundance Codes), this will never bring us true abundance.

In this 3-hour masterclass, we are going to reveal what true abundance is, where it comes from, what it is not, and how to align yourself to receive the bounty that is your birthright.

Topics Include

Full deconstruction of the false abundance codes

False Abundance Codes = False Ascension New Earth Template

Timeline Mapping

All you need to understand in order to align to Grace

The connection between authentic Emotional/Self work and True Abundance

True Abundance Codes = Christ Sophia Divine Kingdom Ascension

How to stay in the Divine Logos through the coming changes

Field Work Activations

Full Body Abundance Template Reset

Master Key Codex: 3 steps for abundance using the Hieros Gamos System

Building a higher heart (8th chakra) Manifestation Filter to align to Gods Will

Collapsing out False Light Abundance teachings that are siphoning you

Angelic Miracle Dispensations for new Manifestation Template (working with angelic realms)

Passing through the Emerald Gates of True Abundance into holding the architecture of Divine Sustenance

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