As members of the 144000, our mission hasn’t really even begun yet

We’ve been healing, integrating and preparing yes, but we’re still waiting for the Breath of God to descend to Earth and fully Activate us into our Divine Blueprint.  

We’ve been shown that this coming Lions Gate is the beginning of that process – a Sacred Holy Spirit Return through the Heart of Sophia.  

What is it that will inspire the men of this world to fight for God and to build his Kingdom at the cost of their own ego’s? 

It’s Her. The True Divine Feminine. Embodied purity, innocence, and beauty.  

He is made to use all of his power in honor and service of her.

What she represents, what Sophia represents is the Sacred Essence of all life. It is the Field of Pure Being of which we are all animated from. She is the highest reflection of our innate innocence and goodness, and in order for God’s plan to unfold, her heart must be healed from lifetimes of abuse, enslavement and dishonor.  

The feminine collective needs to be safely anchored into God’s Protection through devotion to The Christ so that she can finally heal from and forgive the hideous violations to her spirit committed by the Fallen ones on this earth and all those who have consciously or unconsciously aligned to their sickness. 

This process must also involve the masculine as he must face the shame held within his subconscious for any ways he has failed to live up to his code of honor. 

This process is a macro level archetypal mirror of the individual consciousness resolving the core damage to the internal Hierogamical Masculine/Feminine Polarity Principle innate to the Original Angelic Human Design. 

This wound is also reflected in the polarity distortions of the human collective. In order for the Soul of the world to be healed…

He must forfeit his desire for personal power and face his shame, while she must accept the severity of the wound she has endured, make the choice to commit to God over man and finally forgive it all

Through this process, her Sacred Heart will re-ignite and it is actually through this medium that God’s Breath will begin to reach the world. 

Her Heart is a portal for the Holy Spirit to pour out onto the world, rippling through the fields, convincing Souls to go back to God, to their own true selves and inspiring Men to stand for that innocence in all and be willing to fight to preserve it.  

This coming Return will happen through Hawaii and marks the beginning of God’s Plan to establish a living Kingdom on this world

Our Grid Work will be in the ocean near the island of Kauai, in Hawaii and include: 

  • Clearing reversal alien dark mother, lunar matrix and targeting of inner Holy Spirit innocence
  • Clearing and healing the split of masculine protection from feminine
  • Using the Aqua Staff and Aqua Transit Gate to reclaim body parts, elementals and stolen aspects of consciousness

  • Going deep into the ocean to work with the dolphins, whales and Crystalline Caverns via Aqua Sound Healing
  • Higher Dimensional Aquatic Beings and elemental support
  • Crystal Healing Chambers in the Crystal Cathedral in Kauai for trauma healing, sacral, blood, and sexual organs healing for feminine and Soul fracturing from satanic targeting and reclamation of innocence
  • Holy Ecstasy and Magnetic Correction with Masculine Genetic Equal and Timeline Healing from First Annunaki invasion

  • Healing genetic hatred of Christ-Sophia and Mother-Child bonds
  • Huge liberation of Sophia as the Cosmic Mother Dragon and Angelic Daughter in unity with the Masculine Christ and the unions of these bloodlines to commence

The Lions Gate Portal will always accelerate Timelines and speed up co-creation with God. There is a lot to be cleared and reclaimed at this time together for what is to come. 

If this feels connected to your soul, we‘d love to have you join us for this incredible work

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