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This work, should you choose to experience it, can be summed up as very rare, unique and sacred. It is ancient and connected to the true bloodline of Christ.

God has given me a gift to create profound, miraculous shifts in the lives of others by initiating them into their highest potential within their highest timelines.

The essence of this work we’ll be doing together is called Fieldwork that activates through the living Christ/Sophia Logos Blueprint and is connected to the living Akashic Realm that holds multiple universes of information, clearing and healing tools, living plasma light and more.

As a Multidimensional Visual, I am able to see into places that are usually very hard to perceive or know.

I am also able to connect with the many Christ Guardians throughout the cosmos who are able to reveal incredible, intricate details about a person’s Soul, Mission, Divine Union and any inversions they may be unaware of for a complete healing/activation experience that goes straight to the root.

I consider myself a living portal of wisdom.

Words I resonate deeply with are Oracle and Sophia, which convey the Feminine Holy Spirit who is an aspect of God. I am connected to the soul of Sarah, daughter of Christ – a Feminine Christ/Sophia Grail Line and my Light Language that I use in sessions is connected to Aramaic, which Christ spoke and I inherited for profound healing purposes.

I am here to start a revolution.

If you’re feeling activated and resonant with me, I invite you to choose one of the sessions below to begin our work together.

No matter which session you choose, I can promise that this will be one of the most soul-changing and heart-activating experiences of your life!

~ All glory to god ~

I’m so excited to work with you!

Emily’s work has changed me in an amazing way more than anyone else on this planet (and I’ve been devout in spiritual healing/ personal development for years!)

After I had a session with her, I felt immediately shifted. I could actually SEE better, my vision improved and I felt the lightest I had ever felt in my life. Certain things she said on the call had even brought me to tears they had such a soul resonance for me!

I knew after this experience that I HAD to learn how to do this. I immediately jumped into her Oracle Course, which then led me to changing my business so that I was also doing my version of this powerful work.

I had felt stagnant in my business before, knowing I was meant to be helping my clients in a much bigger way but not sure how, this was the how! My work had taken on such power and potency since becoming an “Oracle.” So much certainty on what I’m here to do. The clients I’m attracting are way a higher level- and they are shifting way more than before and I even had my best month financially ever in business after only 2 months of doing this work. 

I have since done Activate Your Gifts, every webinar, and Galactic Reiki. The shifts are out of this world. Emily is an amazing soul and I will forever be grateful for her and continue to work with her in many capacities.

I know my true self now. I know what I’m truly here to do. On a way deeper / multidimensional level than I ever did before. If you feel the call to work with her, it just might be the best decision you will EVER make in your life.

Britney Taylor

A handful of times on my healing/spiritual journey over the past 14 years, I’ve been divinely guided to a particularly special spiritual teacher and healer to help bring downloads and clarity to my spiritual journey so far, activate me into a completely new stage of my awakening and help implement immense positive change to my life. Emily is this particularly special teacher and healer to me at this time.

She’s been gifted with an incredible amount of galactic and ascension knowledge and is downloading and sharing incredibly powerful healing templates, that I believe are imperative to many of us at this next stage of personal ascension and planetary evolution.  

I feel blessed to have been able to work with her during individual session work and on the Oracle Course.

I highly recommend her offerings to anyone who is feeling the call!

Natalie Smith

Emily is the real deal!

My life and business have totally transformed since being in her world. She is gifted with the power to activate your true soul essence beyond anything I have ever experienced.

My gifts and mission have come online very quickly since being in her Oracle Course. Emily is an expert in the multidimensional world. She is truly called by God to do this work.

Chloe E. Prudore

Emily’s treatments and Oracle Course (which I attended in 2020) have been truly life-changing for me.  She is a rare diamond who brings Integrity, love, honesty and incredible innate healing skills to all aspects of her work.

She’s a true natural teacher and I have learned so much from her.

Gemma Leighton

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© 2014 - 2022 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.