Grey Eagle Grid Restoration

and Pleiadian Elvin Starseed

Transmission & Activation

Welcome to the Replay!

We appreciate your faith in our work, our 144K Angelic/StarSeed Mission and are so happy to have you join the webinar!

All Glory to God/Christ/Sophia

Love You All,

A Note from Emily On Purging

I know the purge is real after this.

I’m hoping I made it super clear during the webinar that it was going to be next level due to deep, ancient core genetic wounding and the level of enemy patterning and betrayal ( victim/ victimizer scenarios) that have played out since the Pleiadian/ Reptilian Rebellion.

Again, I want to be clear that this fallout is something that the majority of the community isn’t even ready for or aligning to.

This was very rare in a sense and as you can see, the ultimate effects you will receive are so much Dormant DNA Activation and Healing Power Restored and noticing way less dark looping with others and relationships.

Purging is shitty because it’s all in our body and cells and can just overall cause deep, uncomfortable feelings that can result in anxiety or extreme tiredness – our body getting used to this frequency is no joke.

I also want to stress that our Christ Filter is incredibly strong and I’ve been shown how well we all did and are doing to clear this and run this grid upgrade for everyone else. I know it’s hard work!

It also causes ancestral and childhood wounds to be seen and felt, thus allowing for bloodline entities to start to fall out, which again, is a bit unpleasant but ultimately for the best as we understand that those wounds are the consent for the entity to latch onto. Ask God/ Christ and Guardians to support the witnessing of this so that you may clear and restore the gift behind the wound as to use it for your own work with yourself and others.

Know that you can block anything you do not resonate with and that your Inner Guidance and Inner Compass will show you the resistance or the boundary that needs to be either cleared or honored.

The only thing allowed to come between you and your Christ Filter/Shield is what God knows is ultimately for your highest good to experience.

My own Pleiadian Lightbody Template is rebirthing and I’m feeling a lot of emotion. As you all know, I’ve dealt with every kind of Draco, Reptilian, Demon and Lilith Demonic Attack as I was highly targeted over my entire life. I am where I am now and able to support so many others because God let me initiate into it knowing it would not kill me or injure me beyond healing. It also allowed me to master the dark arts and teach that to others.

All to reassure you that nothing out of the ordinary or what was told to me would happen is happening.

This is all standard and necessary.

Call in Christ/ Sophia and allow your color/ Light Language energies to purify and clear.

Use this experience to deepen the truth and love of Gods Holy Spirit within you and remember you are eternal and impenetrable ultimately, and that right now dark forces are only the anti-christ / anti-god parasites that want to convince you to fear and be intimidated and yet they are more than intimated by you and the Christ.

This is the ultimate truth.

I promise the energies will clear and shift and you will feel so much lighter once all is dropped out.

I love you all, value you tremendously and want you to be clear that my number 1 priority is your safety and strengthening your relationship with the Living God.

You are safe.

You are being protected.

Your soul knows what needs to happen.



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