3 Session Package

3 of my most popular sessions are now available together in one incredible package!

In this session, we do a full removal of all implants, curses, hexes, reptilian, E.T, A.I interfacing Systems, inorganic timelines, holographic inserts, false twin flame, sexual misery, SRA, deep core soul fragmentation and trauma (whatever is relevant) at the time of your session.

Each person has 9 gifts that are capable of activating through their DNA. During your session, I will use my Multidimensional Vision Template to pull these holographic blueprints up, read the signatures of your soul missions and gift templates and activate them to their full potential using plasma light.

During this powerful session, I am able to clear all corrupted masculine/ feminine coding. All false programs including wing damage, anti-Heiros Gamos software, gender splitting and false twin flame/ narcissist/ reptilian interfacing and all Lilith and Azazael programming. Anything stifling your Union will be shown to me by the Guardians.

Your Investment

By purchasing an Activate Your Gifts session you are consenting to our Terms of Purchase Policy.

Questions You May Have

Where will the sessions take place?

Your session will take place via zoom. A link will be provided in your booking confirmation email. 

A recording of your session will be provided within 24hrs.


How far apart are the sessions?

You will have 1 session per month for 3 consecutive months on the day/time of your choosing within Emily’s availability. 


How long is each session?

Each session is 60-minutes in length.


How do I book my session?

After you’ve completed your purchase you’ll automatically be redirected to the Package Thank You page where you’ll find a link to claim your bonuses as well as a link to Emily’s online booking calendar to book your session(s).

You do not have to book all 3 right away – feel free to book your first session and then your second once you feel integrated and ready to receive.

When booking, you will have the option to choose whether your session is done by zoom, facebook messenger call or phone. 


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