Reptilian Genetic Clearing and The Womb of Sophia

One of the most profound initiations for a female is the eviction of reptilian consciousness from her Womb/Heart Soul Matrix and for males, his Sacral/Heart. 

It is the Essence of taking back her or his Organic Solar Feminine/Masculine Power and surrendering to the Christ. It is an unmistakably Holy experience because it allows us to truly know ourselves. 

Phallic implants can be the result of sexual miasma and timelines of sexual harvesting from the Collective and Individual Womb of the Feminine Christ Bloodlines – We all share some form of this. 

These kinds of strong holds on our Energy Body can tie us into looping dark attack through the reptilian ownership that is connected to these implants but are nothing that cannot be overcome with Devotion to the process of receiving the True Cosmic Christ. 


Anchoring the Heart of Sophia: The Birth of the Golden Dawn

As members of the 144000, our mission hasn’t really even begun yet. We’ve been healing, integrating and preparing yes, but we’re still waiting for the Breath of God to descend to Earth and fully Activate us into our Divine Blueprint.  

The approaching Lions Gate is the beginning of that process – a Sacred Holy Spirit Return through the Heart of Sophia. This coming Return will happen through Hawaii and marks the beginning of God’s Plan to establish a living Kingdom on this world.

There is a lot to be cleared and reclaimed at this time together for what is to come. Through this process, the Sacred Heart will re-ignite and it is actually through this medium that God’s Breath will begin to reach the world. 



Egyptian Sphinx Lyra Elohim Priestess Activation and Clearing

The Sphinx is interlinked with Feminine Starseed Grail Queen Consciousness in Andromeda and Sirius, as well as the Angelic Realm of the Elohim. 

This process will deal with Egyptian Timeline clearing and flushing of curses, old timelines, entombment and buried energies to unlock Lyran Templates and Angelic Power through the Sphinx, Angelic Starseed Soul Aspect Healing and retrieving gifts out of phantom fields and Egyptian Timelines, and deeply support our Inner Female Christ Energy rising through our Lightbody. 

We will feel the Sophia Energy returning to the Sphinx, aspects of the Blue Ray Elohim Female Angelic Soul and Lyran Priestess Returns through the Crown and Heart, reconnection to the Christ Guardians and work with Rainbow Lyran Heart Networks and the White Lion Heart Grid.


Emerald Heart: Arthurian Albion Lightbody

Christ has chosen King Arthur as the primary archetypal vehicle for the second Christ Return of the Albion Lightbody for the 5th-7th Dimensional Future Timelines of Ascending Earth. Now, we are anchoring these higher frequencies in order to heal our original genetics and restore the Tree of Life Template within all of us. 

This is happening now so that we can hold the Emerald Diamond Heart and the Emerald Fire which will allow an incredible detox of many reversals, blockages and fears that have been instilled in us by the satanic forces that are now being completely decimated by the Holy Light of our Holy Father in its many forms. 

Jesus & Magdalene Rose Heart Union Activation

There is a momentum of energy that cannot be stopped now and as prophesied this will lead to the salvation of a significant portion of the Human Race as the 144,000 come together to build a sanctuary civilization for all who are ready to turn back to God.

In this webinar, we will address both the Feminine and Masculine Collectives within the awakening community and explain to each what can be done to support this process.



Lemurian Priestess Wealth Codes Activation & Clearing

The Aqua (Lemurian Priestess) aspects of the Sophianic Feminine Christ Solar Lines are returning through the Divine Feminine in all beings ready to receive it now.

Miasma, past trauma and feelings of profound oppression and suppression by false alien god beings are coming up to heal in order to return tons of wealth and abundance back to the Feminine so that we can hold our New Earth Empire and shift our Inner Union Template Timeline into its highest manifestation potential.



Hatshepsut: Solar Dragon Queen Return

Right now, Hatshepsut is coming into Union with her Solar Dragon King Ezekiel here on Earth and Multidimensionally and is healing her Sophianic Timeline, history and Grail Queen Temple. 

In this webinar, we’ll travel (energetically) to the Cathedral of Sophia and the physical temple of Hatshepsut to connect with her earthly templates for a profound Christ Feminine Bloodline restoration and healing and Solar Dragon Queen Return Activation.



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© 2020 - 2022 Saint Sarah. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.