The Keys to the Kingdom

In this 2-Part webinar and activation, we share the keys to discovering the Kingdom within through living within Faith and Truth, and together, receive the Golden Keys to the Kingdom.


Clearing the Egyptian Timelines: The Return of Akhenaten

In this Webinar and Activation, we’re going to explain why Akhenaten’s lifetime was so important, why Egypt may be the most important Grid on Earth and how its Activation will have a massive impact on our Angelic Family.

Lion's Gate: The Event Horizon

In this 3-hour webinar, we’ll be working closely with the Families of Light and our own inner Avatar as we’re pulled through this Gateway and onto the Organic Ascending Timeline.


Pleiadian Evlin Starseed Transmission and Activation

In this 2.5hr webinar transmission and activation, a challenging initiation portal comes to a close as we jumpstart the Grid and help mend the relationship between on-planet Starseeds and Angels and off-planet Starseed Races who are assisting the Organic Ascension Process.

New Mexico Aztara Grid Work

In this 2.5hr webinar, we’ll take back the power we lost to this world and stand fully in our Divine Authority and Innocence as these enemies flood into the 144K Collective!


New Womb Architecture

In this 3-hour masterclass and activation, regardless of what we’ve been through, we’re going to receive an entirely new architecture to restore our womb through this deep initiation with Osiris-Christ.

Miracles Under

The Christ Logos

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© 2020 - 2022 Saint Sarah. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.