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Christ Codes




Solar Feminine

Christ Codes

Incredible power comes when we do as Divine Will asks us

The 13 Feminine Solar Feminine Christ Codes Course is an initiation into the embodiment of Solar Sophia Energy and becoming the portal for the Organic Templates of the Feminine Christ.

Each phase will bring you into full alignment with your Divine Mission, Brand, Union, Gifts, and Highest Timeline. 

Together, fallen consciousness will be cleared to fire up the Unification of the Solar Feminine Christ as we birth the Grail Queen Energy to anchor in the New Earth. 

Course Outline

Organic Ascension Foundations


In week 1, you’re going to begin this initiation by learning the foundational elements of Organic Ascension, including: 

How to seal your light body, sourcing directly to God, clearing parasitism, implant/dark attack tools for clearing, Light Language Activation, working with Color Codes, how to move energy – beginning steps for healing, Soul Fragmentation, Devotion to Christ and the Inner Christ Sophia (Hieros Gamos Template and intro to 12D system that we will work with)

Crystalline Womb


In week 2, you’ll learn how to build your Crystalline Womb for incredible levels of magnetism, prosperity and abundance, the art of Womb and Heart Manifestation with Isis Magdalena Sophia, Alchemy Mastery and how to clear the Reptilian Genetics/ Poverty Consciousness that can deeply block Abundance and Union. 

Becoming Super Psychic


In week 3, you’ll learn how to become super psychic and work with the Indigo Races (Halls of Amenti) and be initiated into the true Akasha Records.

Together, we will expand and go beyond our idea of Clairvoyance and Psychic Ability and into reading Future Timelines/Events, Past Life Memories, Reading Soul Contracts, looking at our true Galactic History and picking up essential data for ourselves and clients in order to serve better.

Grail Queen Initiation


The Grail Queen and Solar Christ Feminine are living blueprints that have had their history distorted. IE: Joan of Arc, White Buffalo Woman, Isis, Sarah daughter of Jesus, Aquaelle, Magdalena and so many more. 

In week 4, we will return the true teachings of the Daughters of Christ and give the Arc Tools back to the Sophia Solar Angelic Bloodlines that have incarnated now. 

This will open your ability to connect with many different healing modalities and communicate via telepathy with the Grail Queens. 

Building your Multidimensional Brand


In week 5, you will learn about building your Multidimensional Brand 

Together, we will build your brand via your own unique Soul Frequency that will inspire your gifts, brand name, architecture (aka business structure) and symbols. 

This will give you the foundation to support others through your Mission, or help you hone your current brand and implement any and all updates needed for greater alignment fully. All of this will be in alignment with God’s Divine Will and the flow of inspired Holy Spirit Energy.


Your Galactic Team


In week 6, you will learn and come to understand who your Higher Celestial/Angelic Team is. Knowing who they are, working with them, learning from them and allowing them to support you in numerous ways is a life-changing experience.

You will learn how to identify your Higher Guides and Galactic Teams, how to fully work with them in this realm for your Mission, and how to work with the Feline (Lyran) Races in 11D which will open a lot of channels and new connections to flow for shared work. 

You will learn a lot about the 5D Pleiadians, 6D Sirians, 7D Arcturians, 8D Orion, 9D Andromeda, 10/11D Lyra and the Royal Houses of Lyra.



It is imperative that we know how to communicate fully with the Christos Families of Light without the corrupted channeling model given to us by the Luciferians.

In week 7, you will learn how to channel without new-age propaganda. You will learn how to communicate and bring in new codes via courses, energy tools, technology and conversations with Christos Families of Light, as well as ways to master communication and conversations with Galactic beings that don’t involve interfacing/merging.

Mother Arc Bioluminescence


The Mother Arc is the hub of the Amoraea Flame which is the essence of the Aqua Mother Holy Spirit Energy 

In week 8, you will learn to work with Bioluminescence, the Amoraea Flame, the Mother Arc and Cetacean Oceanic Beings that are the essence of the Feminine Christ.

Learning their language (Dolphin/Whale Heart Communication) and the tools they use for healing and DNA Upgrades is truly a game-changer! 

Building your Avatar and Soul Matrix


Your Avatar is your Future/Higher Self that exists in the 10/11/12th dimensions of reality. (What the Avatar can do is for example: change weather/ stop ageing/ heal disease/ stop cataclysmic events and more)

In week 9, you will experience a very high level of initiation that will include working with the 12th Chakra and 12 Tree of Life Christ Blueprint as well as building and working with the Avatar to bring that energy into this physical reality.

You will be initiated into the Soul Matrix and lower Chakra first in order to work with the Avatar Light Body.

Then, you will learn all 12 Chakras and the 12D model that will be used for reference as we learn to work with the 12 Chakras, 12 dimensions, 12 stargates and 12 DNA strands – this will be a higher level transmission than what was taught in the Oracle Course.

Arcturian Technologies


In week 10, you will learn various Arcturian Technologies including: Plugins, Epsilon Sequence to stop entity attack in its tracks, healing Soul Layers with Metallic Rainbow Flashlight, Arcturian Pastel Mirror and 5D Vision.

You will learn 7 different technologies for multiple ascension purposes (that you will learn and practice) that actually work!

The Christ Merge


In week 11, you will learn the 4-steps to Reptilian Genetic Clearing and the Christ Merge Manuscript.

This process is how to come into a True Union with Christ and your True Beloved. (I used this process and have used it on many women with incredible results!)

Dark Arts Training, Matrix Extraction and New Earth Building


I have done many trainings around implant removal, reptilian interfacing and lunar infiltration and want to go even deeper with the exact processes I use to defend and protect against all forms of fallen consciousness. (If you’ve taken any of my previous courses you will receive a lot of new info here!)

In week 12, you will learn next-level dark arts training, how to seal black holes and dark portals as well as how to fully extract yourself from the matrix and build your temple in the New Earth/New Earth Timeline.

Becoming the Feminine Christ Manual in Life and Mission


In our 13th and final week, you will learn how to build your own Diamond Light Grid, how to build Sophia from the Root to the Crown, a step-by-step process for embodying the Grail Queen and Feminine Christ Consciousness, becoming magnetic to Soul Mate Clients and Manifesting beyond the Luciferian Matrix Business Model through a process I’ve created from the Avatar and Sophianic Soul Template.

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